Switches, Outlets & Fixtures

Installation and replacement of switches, outlets, and lighting fixtures is part and parcel of owning a residential, commercial, or industrial unit. These projects may seem basic but they certainly play an important role in our spaces. Sometimes, you want to replace a switch, move it or install dimmers altogether.  

​You will need a licensed, trained, and experienced man for the job. Dimmers are especially complex to install and should be left to the pros.

In addition, your power outlets need expert hands of a good repairman from time to time. For instance, you might require the installation of a new outlet to hang your fine flat panel TV or your ugly-looking or damaged socket could do with a replacement. Perhaps you’ve remodeled your house or moved furniture and in the process lost your existing outlet. Our team possesses the right tools and knowledge to handle all power outlet needs.

Lighting fixtures, too, need the attention of a trained and seasoned repairman. Our experts are more than capable to install and repair all types of lighting including security lighting, recessed lighting, outdoor lighting, and specialty lighting.

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