Whole House Surge Protection

Modern homes are notorious for housing a myriad of sensitive electronic devices and appliances. These include computers, stereo systems, smart TVs, gaming systems, lighting systems, washers, dryers, kitchen appliances, cell phones, refrigerators and so on. Surge protector systems act as protection over these devices against the destructive effects of unexpected power surges. By having our experienced team install a whole house surge protection system, you can potentially save thousands of dollars both in your home and electronic equipment.


We are a full-service electrical company with adequate knowledge and experience in the installation of surge protection systems. Whether you have an office full of computers that contain valuable data or a home with plenty of devices worth protecting, we can get you a long-lasting and effective home surge protector.  With us, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind of knowing the project is being taken care of by professionals who meet national and state electrical codes. We have trust in our electrical team and that is why we aren’t afraid of offering a minimum one year warranty on labor and parts and a further lifetime warranty on our workmanship. We look forward to working with you to keep your entire house protected against surges.

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