​Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are vital fire security elements. Most homeowners and business owners know the danger of fire which is why they have a smoke alarm in their property. Their major undoing is in maintenance. Frankly, most smoke detectors are out of date or broken putting family members and employees at risk. Our team of well-trained electricians is knowledgeable about the replacement of smoke detectors for both residential and commercial customers of all sizes.


We are very committed to ensuring the safety of our customers. With this in mind, we have the following services on our portal:

  • Replacement of outdated smoke detectors
  • Installation of new smoke detectors
  • Smoke alarm repairs
  • Commercial smoke alarm services
  • Replacement and testing of smoke detector batteries


If you truly care about the security of those under you, you’ll not only oversee the installation of smoke detectors in your home or office but will follow through with its maintenance as well.

Call us today and let us offer you these services and more. We can even go a mile and give interconnected smoke detectors that detect fire or smoke in one area but set the alarms of the entire property. This gives you plenty of time to act so as to save your building and precious lives in it.

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