​​Pool and Spa


The decision to have a spa or a swimming pool installed in your property is one that is exciting and daunting in equal measure. It is a massive project that can drain you emotionally, physically, and financially. The electrical work for the project in particular, needs to be done with a high level of care.  

Electrical service around water is a dangerous undertaking. There’s an ever-present risk of electrocution which can be fatal. This is why you should always rely on experts to carry out all your spa and wiring electrical needs including pool light repair service and pool light bulb replacement. 

We only utilize copper wiring for all pool and spa applications, ensuring that all meet the National Electric Code requirements. Our qualified electricians understand that each spa and pool electricity installation project is different. Each one requires specific equipment, wiring technique, and components to give you a service that meets your needs. When you call us, we will send a professional over to examine the existing electrical systems in your property to establish whether it can handle the new spa and swimming pool electrical panels then forge the right way forward.

​Contact us if you need sober advice about installation of a pool or spa.

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