New Construction, Re-Modeling And Re-Wiring

Wiring is perhaps the most sensitive part of any electrical project. A wrong installation can potentially mean having a standing fire hazard which can cause electrocution. Whether you have a new home or a period home (over 25 years old), you certainly need wiring and re-wiring services respectively.


​A perfect indication of whether your old house needs rewiring is how things look during a renovation or remodeling process. For instance, if you plan on doing major renovations such as extensions or loft/garage/attic conversions, you are better off with an enhancement of the existing wiring. Your switchboards, for instance, will need to be upgraded to increase their capacity for additional supply demands.


Our wiring and remodeling services are done with a high level of safety. The wiring experts in our team have electrical and plumbing licenses and verified safety certificates to guarantee that none of your electrical projects will go south. We adhere to local code compliance and other power requirements surrounding modern lifestyles. Of course, our guys have the knowledge and experience with ancient homes, modern homes, and basically everything in between.  

Rely on us to ensure all your elements are up-to-date through the highest standards of safety.

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