​Which Is Better -LED Fixture Replacement or LED Retrofit?


When making the switch to energy efficient lighting, one of the best solutions is LED lighting. Once you appreciate all of the benefits of this option, you can begin to explore possible lighting fixture renovation options for your home. The two main options are LED fixture replacements or LED retrofits. But which is better and why make the switch in the first place? 


Benefits of LED Lighting  


LED bulbs are a significant innovation that offer up intensely bright light from even the smallest bulbs. Light Equipped Diodes, or LEDs, have become some of the most desirable technology for personal lighting, whether they are being used in house lights,car lights, lanterns, or even torches. Some of the benefits of this type of interior and exterior lighting includes: 



One of the biggest draws of LED lighting is the impressive lifespan. Compared to other types of lighting, these last significantly longer and produce better quality light. Many of the bulbs will actually outlast the applications that they are housed in. 


-Energy Efficiency 

Overall, these bulbs consume very little power. When you switch to LED, you can see up to a 60-75% increase in energy efficiency for your property, which means that you can save a lot of money. 


-Very Safe  

One of the more easily overlooked advantages of these bulbs is their safety. One of the biggest lighting hazards is their heat emissions, which is why the fact that these bulbs emit almost no heat is so amazing.   


-Versatile Installation  

When it comes time to upgrade your property’s lighting situation, LEDs give you some options to choose from. You can choose to do a complete fixture replacement or do a retrofitting installation. So, what is the difference between these two? 


L​ED Replacement  



-Long lasting

-Warranty coverage  


Long lasting 

You may find that a complete replacement has a longer shelf life for your property. When properly installed, brand new LEDs can last you up to ten years. 



Another benefit of replacing your fixtures is that brand-new products often qualify for manufacturers' warranties. If you get a professional installation, the electrician that you contact for the installation might offer a warranty through their business. Whatever the case may be, having this extra protection can really ease your mind and prove helpful if anything happens to your fixtures.   



-More expensive

-Requires professional installation   


More Expensive 

When compared with retrofitting, the most significant difference in the two is the cost. Complete replacement is a pricier endeavor since you need to replace the current lighting infrastructure. This means that you also need to hire a certified electrician to professionally complete the installation process. However, while it is more expensive, it definitely makes the most sense in many cases.


Require Professional Installation  

These bulbs will require a significant amount of work to be installed, which increases the time it takes to complete this process. That can translate to a higher cost upfront. Fortunately, switching to this energy-efficient lighting option will save you a lot more money in the long run, so it really is a worthwhile investment. 


LED Retrofit  




-Better variety  



Retrofitting your lights with LED screw-in options is definitely the most inexpensive way to upgrade the lighting on your property. Even if you have fixtures that need to be upgraded in order to accommodate LED technology, this is still a very cost-effective route. Plus, you will have a significant reduction in energy consumption that also contributes to cheaper numbers. There are also plenty of rebate schemes to be found that can assist with the expenses associated with the LED conversion process.



Retrofit products have a large variety both in terms of wattage and the color of the bulb. With these, you can choose from a huge range of options to attain your desired aesthetic. However, the maximum lumen strength will be limited by the current fixtures. 



-Tricky installation

-Minimal regulation


Installation Can be Tricky  

The process required to install these is a little complex because in order to adapt to the existing lighting to be compatible with LED components, some specific steps need to be taken. Fortunately, the process is still relatively simple, but it is just something to consider.  

Little Regulation  

One of the down sides to retrofitting is that there is not alot of regulation involved in the selling and installing of these, and this lack of enforcement can lead to some issues. For example, inexperienced operators are now completely allowed to perform these installations, even if they don’t have insurance or licensing. This means that you simply don’t know what you are going to get.  



While both options are viable, complete LED fixture replacement is the preferred option. Although it is a little more expensive, it is worth it in the long run – especially if you are able to secure a solid warranty for your bulbs.

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